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He was admitted to the Daedeok Science Complex, the Korean first science & technology research park, as a special case in recognition of the patent he applied while being a student of the university.

Daniel Park

CEO / Founder

As he grew up in Silicon Valley, he studied economics and worked in investment banking, venture capital, and accelerators in the same region. He is responsible for designing token economy and business

Michael Jee

Sang-Hwa’s deep knowledge of big data and artificial intelligence lends itself well to her data mining work on a lot of the data that Cardio Healthcare collects and is actively monitoring customer behavior


As a full stack software engineer, Gyeong-Sun is responsible for designing the overall architecture of software development and project management. She graduated from the department of electrical


Sang-Yong has experience at multiple startups and is responsible for deblurring vibration signals of 3-axis and 6-axis sensors within the Cardiocoin system. Having majored in vision computing at the


Won-Sik is a 3D & 2D graphics program and web program engineer and has nearly 20 years of experience in this field. He is also a Unity3D certified programmer and worked as a member of the



He is a lawyer from Stanford University Law School and is currently the founder and president of venture capital and accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Kevin Smith

Senior Advisor

After building his career at atmarket shaping firms such as the Korea Development Institute and Korea Telecom, he is currently researcher as a professor of the department of business administration at Sejong

Dr. Kim, Jeong-Uk


He is a professor of economics and a scholar and administrator who designed the basis for economic development in the Republic of Korea.

Song Hee Yhon

Senior Advisor

He is a medical doctor and Ph.D. (in the course of study) and is an expert on medical data, especially EMR.

KIm Jae Hyun


Greg is the founder of Fit3D, a healthcare data and equipment company based in Silicon Valley, and has both a broad network and expertise in the global fitness and

Greg Moore


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